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Tuesday, April 1, 1930

Bertille washed today.  She took 3 dozen eggs to the store, got .22¢ a dozen.  There was a lady around this morning taking orders for abstracts of all kinds and spices.  Mamie Eichenseer came down this evening and then Rosalia & Bertille went along with her up to Lena’s to make flowers.  We found 30 eggs.


Friday, March 21, 1930

It is awful cold this morning.  There was a lady here that wanted to sell waxed paper flowers 3 for .10¢ or 6 for .25¢  We didn’t buy any but they sure were dainties.  Leona, Bobby, Floyd were up this afternoon.  Mr. Jacob Erle came on business.  After he was gone then another lady came and wanted to sell the paper of  “The Little Flower” for $3.00 a year.  Mr. Erle came back again later in the evening about 5 o’clock.  We found 28 eggs today.  Rosalia, Bertille, Aunt Mary went to church this evening.