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Wednesday, April 2, 1930

Mr. George Heyl was here this morning.  He is accessor in the upper poll.  Bertille took 3 dozen eggs to the store, got .22¢ a dozen.  They were going to start to tear down the old school house today and get ready for the new one at St. Augustine’s parish.  The children now have school in the church until noon.  Mamie Eichenseer came down this afternoon and we made all kinds of paper flowers.  There was a man came here to get some money for a donation for the priests.  But we told him that our priest wanted to build a new school house now.  We found 25 eggs.

Tuesday, April 1, 1930

Bertille washed today.  She took 3 dozen eggs to the store, got .22¢ a dozen.  There was a lady around this morning taking orders for abstracts of all kinds and spices.  Mamie Eichenseer came down this evening and then Rosalia & Bertille went along with her up to Lena’s to make flowers.  We found 30 eggs.

Tuesday, March 18, 1930

Ed Parker’s little baby girl, May Martha was buried this morning.  Oscar Birkner was here.  Angela Eichenseer & Lucida was here a little while this afternoon to let us know that they are going to make paper flowers up at the priest’s house this evening.  Tomorrow is St. Joseph’s day.  We found 30 eggs.  Bertille baked cookies this afternoon.  Papa, Rosalia, Bertille went to church to confession, then afterwards Rosalia, Bertille, Mamie Eichenseer went to the priest house to help make paper flowers.  Those others present were Emma Birkner, Hildegard Watchel and Angela Eichenseer and Lena, the housekeeper.