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Wednesday, May 7, 1930

Rosalia drove out to get Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary.  Henry came up and then they all worked on the sewer again.  They got it finished about 4:30.  Uncle Fred, Aunt Mary, Henry were all here for dinner and two lunches.  Leona & the kids didn’t come along.  Today is Irene Neff’s birthday.  She is going to be seventeen years old.  In the evening Rosalia, Papa, Uncle Fred, Aunt Mary went to the cemetery.  After they came back Rosalia, Bertille went to church,  Aunt Mary too.


Friday, February 28, 1930

Papa isn’t feeling well today.  It is awful cloudy, looks like it is going to rain.  Mr. Frey was here trying to sell brooder houses.  We found 29 eggs today.  Henry and family and Paul Neff were here tonite.

Monday, February 24, 1930

We found 24 eggs today.  Mr. Wilson was here this afternoon trying to sell us the dixie feeds.  Edward Neff was here this evening & played pinochle with us.  Papa & Bertille got one out of six games.  Bertille took 3 dozen eggs to Eichenseers this morning, got .23¢ a dozen.  We started building our brooder house today.  Bertille wrote a letter to the Eureka Hatchery to find out the price of W. Leghorns.  Mrs. Adam Braun wanted to buy some.  Mr. Adam Vogl’s daughter was buried today.  She died from diphtheria and flu.

Monday, February 10, 1930

Papa & Rosalia went by the way of Red Bud to Waterloo and from there they went to go see Pete Weltzbacher, he has a telephone box for sale.  They bought the phone for $5.00.  We found 10 eggs.  Rosalia took 2 dozen to Eichenseer’s this afternoon.  She got .34¢ a dozen.  There was a lady around selling flower stands.  She asked .70¢ a piece for them.  We didn’t take any but Mrs. Rheinecker bought one.  Edward & Paul Neff were here this evening.