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Friday, January 31, 1930

Bertille was on sick list again.  Uncle Adam and Emil and Joe Meuth were visiting us today. Mr. Meuth wanted to buy straw.  We found 3 eggs today.


Friday, January 24, 1930

Papa and Henry were hauling oats from Pabst place to Henry’s.  Aunt Mary called up today.  Rosalia had to go over to Rheinecker’s to answer.  Rosalia found 1 egg.  Emil bought some oats this morning.  The weather is nice and warm today.

Thursday, January 23, 1930

Papa and Rosalia went to Waterloo this morning.  Bertille went out to Henry’s.  We all had dinner out there.  Bertille got her shoes fixed in Waterloo.  They took wheat along too.  The price is $1.05.  Emil was here a little while this afternoon.  Rosalia found 2 eggs today.

Monday, January 6, 1930

Henry butchered 2 hogs, one from Joe Gregson weighing 400 lbs.  Papa & Uncle Fred got it.  Emil & Henry got the other from Albert Cleveland weighing 224 lbs.  We were all there helping to butcher.  Mr. & Mrs. Gus C. Geodelle were also there.