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Tuesday, June 10, 1930

Bertille was at church this morning.  Papa & Rosalia are fixing gates.  Mrs. Ganley is pretty bad sick we heard.  Bertille mailed a letter to the Auto Ins. Co. for $6.32 for the Whippet Insurance.  This evening Mr. & Mrs. Albert Cleveland & son Grover were here they came to look at our little chicks.  Ed. Neff was also here a little while.

Wednesday, March 26, 1930

Mr. Jac. Erle was here this afternoon.  We got 300 little chicks this morning but the weather is awful cold for the little chickens.  Henry came up this evening to the store, he came down here a little while.  We found 29 eggs.

Saturday, February 22, 1930

We found 19 eggs today. We put our little baby chicks out in the chicken house.  We have 193 left from 250.  Victor Eichenseer was here this morning and put the brooder in the chicken house.  It is raining all day.  Today is Frieda Buchler and Martha Boll’s birthdays.  Rosalia took 3 dozen eggs to Eichenseer’s this morning.  She got .23¢ a dozen.

Monday, February 3, 1930

Papa, Rosalia, Bertille were at Belleville this morning at the Eureka Hatchery and got 200 little chicks at .12¢ a chick.  Papa went to Red Bud to get a pipe made to fit the brooder.  Papa was uptown and settle up with the groceries bills in the stores.  The weather looks awful cloudy this afternoon.  We found 2 eggs today.