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Saturday, April 19, 1930

Papa went down to Pabsts to get some wheat.  Clarence Pabst has new machine, a DeSoto.  Papa is hauling cinders from Louis Armstutz quarry.  Papa, Rosalia, Bertille, Uncle Fred, Aunt Mary went to lawn the grave at the cemetery this evening.  Afterwards Uncle Fred and Aunt Mary came up here for a little while.


Sunday, April 6, 1930

Uncle Fred, Aunt Mary, Henry were all up for church this morning.  Then after church they all went home.  Henry Armstutz was here this afternoon.  Mrs. Rheinecker came over a little while this evening.  Uncle Fred and Aunt Mary came down here and then we went up to church in the evening.  After church, Rosalia & Bertille went in Kammler’s hall to hear the three Peters Brothers play from Germany.  Admission was .30¢.  We found 39 eggs today.

Sunday, March 9, 1930

Papa, Rosalia went to first mass this morning.  We found 27 eggs.  Henry & family were here for dinner today.  After they went home.  Papa, Rosalia, Bertille went out to Uncle Fred and Mary for supper.  Mr. & Mrs. Fred Armstutz and Henry and Mrs. Mike Armstutz were also there.  In the evening Uncle Fred and Aunt Mary came up.  We had lent service at 7 o’clock.