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Tillie’s Tales Has MOVED!

Exciting changes to Tillie’s Tales!  We can now be found at, eliminating the extension.  Please come follow us there.  There will no longer be new posts here.  If you have currently been following us through your e-mail, please be advised that you need to sign up for a NEW e-mail subscription at the new site.  It is quick and easy!

Thanks so much for your continued support of Tillie’s Tales.  We still have eight more years to cover — More eggs to be sold!  More dances to go to!  Marriages!  Deaths!  Births!  See you there.

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1929 Recap

We moved to Hecker Oct. 23, 1929.  We had 1 week mission in St. Augustine Church from Nov. 3 till the 10.  They also had one in Tiptown during that time.  The Missionaries priests were Father Kneddy & Siegert in St. Augustine’s church.

Father Grootens got 16 doz. eggs on Dec. 31, 1929 at 42¢.  Mrs. Margaret Hinkel & Arther Meadlock were married in St. Louis on Dec. 31, 1929.