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Tuesday, March 11, 1930

Bertille took 3 dozen eggs to Eichenseers got .21¢ a dozen.  There was a man around here this morning in a machine that had no legs or feet.  He had wooden legs and he needed a new pair so he went around collecting for money.  He had $164.00 when he was at our place and he needed $300.00 to buy himself a pair of wooden ones.  We found 26 eggs.  There was a man here from Baldwin trying to sell house or barn paint this evening.


Monday, March 10, 1930

Papa went to New Athens this morning to see the Lumber Co.  Bertille wrote a letter to the Eureka Hatchery that we want 400 little chicks by the 24 of March.  Bertille took 6 dozen eggs to Eichenseers this morning.  She got .21¢ a dozen.  We found 27 eggs.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary were here a little while this evening.  Then afterwards we all went up to Uncle Adams.  Today is John Henkel’s birthday, we were up at Uncle Adam’s last year on the same day.  Uncle Adam isn’t feeling very good.

Sunday, March 9, 1930

Papa, Rosalia went to first mass this morning.  We found 27 eggs.  Henry & family were here for dinner today.  After they went home.  Papa, Rosalia, Bertille went out to Uncle Fred and Mary for supper.  Mr. & Mrs. Fred Armstutz and Henry and Mrs. Mike Armstutz were also there.  In the evening Uncle Fred and Aunt Mary came up.  We had lent service at 7 o’clock.

Saturday, March 8, 1930

Today August Blackburn’s birthday.  Bertille went up town this morning to get the mail.  Papa is settling posts & Steve Rheinecker came over by him a little while.  We found 23 eggs today.  Ed L. Parker was visited by a little stork the other day, a girl.

Friday, March 7, 1930

Rosalia went to church this morning.  It is still raining yet.  We found 32 eggs.  Mr. Ed Meng got Henry’s cows today.  Henry traded 2 cows for 2 mules and Meng to give $30.00 to boot.  Steve Rheinecker helped Meng get them.  Grover Cleveland is taking his first lessons on how to play violin.  His daddy bought him one.

Thursday, March 6, 1930

Papa, Henry, Rosalia, Bertille, Aunt Mary went down to Red Bud to Mrs. Dunn funeral.  Father Havey had the mass.  Aunt Mary and Bertille went to the quilting down at Mrs. Eckert’s this afternoon.  They had 2 quilts in the frames.  One blue and one pink.  They sure are pretty.  We found 24 eggs today.  It started to rain some now.  Aunt Mary & Henry had dinner with us.  Rosalia took 3 dozen eggs to Eichenseers & got .21¢ a dozen.  There was a man came to Hecker tonite and wanted shelter because it was raining all the time.  Mr. Hill & Henry Armstuz went to Waterloo this morning.

Wednesday, March 5, 1930

Papa, Rosalia, Bertille went to church this morning to receive the ashes.  Tonite is lent service at 7:30.  We found 32 eggs today.  Mr. Tom Crowe & H.M. Hill were here.  Papa showed Mr. Crowe the house.  Papa got our summer sausage from Steve Rheinecker today.  He smoked it for us.  Henry & family & Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary were here.  They all went to lent service.

Tuesday, March 4, 1930

Mrs. Bridget Dunn at Red Bud died and will be buried Thursday morning.  Mrs. Fahey & Ms. Dermont called us and let us know.  Papa, Rosalia, Henry, Bertille went down to the wake tonite.  Steve Rheinecker was over awhile this evening.  He helped a little to put the roof on the chick house.  (We found) 20 eggs.

Monday, March 3, 1930

Papa & Rosalia went to Belleville to the Eureka Hatchery to pay the chickens off for another week because it is too cold yet for little chicks.  Bertille took 3 dozen eggs to Eichenseers, got .21¢ a dozen.  Mr. John Wiegand & Miss Edna Jatho got married last Saturday, the way the people said.  Haven’t seen it in the papers yet.  Their licenses were in there.  He is 27 years old & she is 22 years old.  Mr. & Mrs. Mehrmam are at George Wagner’s today.  Papa & Rosalia brought Floyd a pair of rompers, and Bobby a pair of overalls along from Belleville for their birthdays.  We found 28 eggs today.  Willie Braun was here & got 3 bushes of sweet clover for $5.50 a bush.  Papa went out to sow sweet clover after supper.

Sunday, March 2, 1930

Henry, Uncle Fred, Aunt Mary went to church this morning.  They had dinner with us.  After dinner, Papa, Uncle Fred & Henry went over to Ed Ming to look at his mules.  We found 31 eggs today.  Tonight is moving picture show in the St. Augustine Parish.  It is awful cold again.  10 above this afternoon.  Papa, Rosalia, & Bertille were at the show.  It sure was nice.  The name was “Secret of Love.”  Pathe picture and Charlie Chaplin.