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Saturday, February 8, 1930

Papa and Philip Braun went out to Henry’s with Henry’s machine.  Then Philip Braun walked home and Papa came home with Henry’s family with the buggy.  They were all here for supper.  In the evening Alvera Braun & Pearl Griffen were here we played pinochle.  Ha!  Ha!  We had a good old time.  We found 11 eggs today.


Friday, February 7, 1930

Rosalia was at church this morning.  After dinner Rosalia & Mamie Eichenseer went up to the quilting in the priest’s house.  We found 6 eggs today.  There is going to be a dance at Charles Hepps.  Mildred invited us to come down this evening.  But we didn’t go.  Roads are too bad.  Elmer Lother was in County Jail for having 3 gallons of whiskey in his machine and also some empty jars.  He had a accident at Smithton with a sheriff from Champaign County driving the car.  Lother had to pay $200 and costs.  His friends got him out this afternoon.  Lother was intoxicated.

Thursday, February 6, 1930

We found 7 eggs today.  Rosalia took our first eggs that we got in Hecker to Brauns this afternoon and got .39¢ a dozen.  She had 2 dozen eggs.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary were here this morning.  Aunt Lizzie was over (at) Rheinecker’s this evening.  Steve trimmed his trees in front of his place this evening.  There was quilting this afternoon at church basement.

Wednesday, February 5, 1930

It happen to be a nice day after all.  We found 8 eggs today.  Henry came up this morning to get his machine from the garage, but it wasn’t finished yet.  So he came down here for dinner and afterwards went back up again.  Then about four o’clock he left for home, but when he got to the corner his machine stopped and then he got Vic Eichenseer to look after it.  So he got it started again, he left.  When he got between Schneiders and Kammlers it stopped again.  He called up Steve Rheinecker’s to call Papa over to the telephone to bring the Whippet out there.  During that while he came up to Braun’s & had a little talk with him (and) told him to come out & pull it in.  So Papa and Henry went out to where his machine was & got the Whippet passed there.  So Henry could get home.  Papa walked home.  Papa got his hair cut this morning.  Willie Birkner dug a well on his place today.  Louis and Oscar were doing it for him.  Bill Birkner bought Mrs. Lorberg’s place.

Tuesday, February 4, 1930

Rosalia & Bertille washed this morning.  Henry was here this afternoon.  Mr. Jake Mavers was here trying to sell Papa his coal oil brooder.  We found 6 eggs today.  It is getting colder.  Looks like snow.

Monday, February 3, 1930

Papa, Rosalia, Bertille were at Belleville this morning at the Eureka Hatchery and got 200 little chicks at .12¢ a chick.  Papa went to Red Bud to get a pipe made to fit the brooder.  Papa was uptown and settle up with the groceries bills in the stores.  The weather looks awful cloudy this afternoon.  We found 2 eggs today.

Sunday, February 2, 1930

Today the groundhog saw his shadow that means six more weeks bad weather.  Aunt Mary & Uncle Fred were here this morning.  Henry came up with Levi Ganley to church and took our Whippet home.  After dinner Henry’s family came up because there was Benediction and throat blessing.  We all got our throats blessed.  We found 5 eggs.  John Kammler’s and Mehremans were also there.  Mrs. Laut is on the sick list at present.  Adam Eckert’s baby Irvin is also sick with bronchitis and pneumonia.  Tonight there is a play at Smithton.  Players from the St. Mary’s Parish at Belleville (to preform).  Today Bill Grohman had their little baby girl baptized.  Mr. and Mrs. Adam Matzenbacher were sponsons.  They named it Orlin Ida.  Henry had company last night.  Uncle Pete and Jake’s kid and Betty Jane and rest of family were there.

Saturday, February 1, 1930

We found 2 eggs today.  Papa went to New Athens today.  The roads are getting awful muddy at present.  Rosalia & Bertille baked bread & coffee cake, & cleaned house today.