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Thursday, April 10, 1930

Aunt Mary and Bertille went to the sewing circle at Mrs. Eckerts this afternoon for the last time.  Aunt Mary had supper at our house.  Uncle Fred came later in the evening to get her.  Rosalia & Bertille washed the dining room windows this morning and also the curtains.  Mamie Eichenseer came down to get Rosalia & Bertille to go up to Lena’s to make flowers tonite.  We have them all finished now.


Wednesday, April 9, 1930

Today it is a year that Henry Birkner Jr. got married.  John Weigand’s wife got buried today at the Village cemetery.  It sure was largely attended.  She died from blood poison and heart disease.  This coming Sat. they would of been married 5 weeks.  Rosalia, Bertille, Aunt Mary, Uncle Fred went to church and cemetery.  She was the daughter of Valentine Jatho from Belleville.  Bix from Belleville was the undertaker.  Henry & family came up a little while this evening.  They brought us some setting eggs along.  We found 29 eggs today.

Tuesday, April 8, 1930

Today is Aunt Lizzie birthday.  We have a wash day.  Rev. Otto Meier of Columbia parish died last Friday and will be buried this morning at Columbia.  Rev. Eschman is to have the sermon.  We found 26 eggs.

Monday, April 7, 1930

Bertille took 5 dozen eggs to the store got .22¢ a dozen.  We found 22 eggs.  Leona, Robert & Floyd were here this afternoon.  Uncle Fred and Aunt Mary were  here this evening.  Mr. John Weigard’s wife died.  He just got married about 5 weeks ago.  They say she had blood poison.

Sunday, April 6, 1930

Uncle Fred, Aunt Mary, Henry were all up for church this morning.  Then after church they all went home.  Henry Armstutz was here this afternoon.  Mrs. Rheinecker came over a little while this evening.  Uncle Fred and Aunt Mary came down here and then we went up to church in the evening.  After church, Rosalia & Bertille went in Kammler’s hall to hear the three Peters Brothers play from Germany.  Admission was .30¢.  We found 39 eggs today.

Saturday, April 5, 1930

Father Grootens took Frank Schwindle his boy that stayed by him off this morning.  He got home sick for his mother in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Rosalia and Bertille went over to Elmer Kammler’s for a little while this evening.  We found 30 eggs.  Today Oscar Birkner’s baby is a year old.

Friday, April 4, 1930

Aunt Mary was here all day.  She ate dinner with us.  Uncle Fred helped at the school all day today, he got a load of brick for $1.00.  He wants to make a brick road by his garage.  Rosalia and Bertille went to church this evening.  Rosalia took 4 dozen eggs to the store, got .22¢ a dozen.  We found 26 eggs.  Papa is on the sick list at present.  He wasn’t out of the house since Wednesday.

Thursday, April 3, 1930

Aunt Mary & Bertille went to the quilting at Mrs. Eckerts this afternoon. Uncle Fred helped at the school this afternoon.  We found 24 eggs.

Wednesday, April 2, 1930

Mr. George Heyl was here this morning.  He is accessor in the upper poll.  Bertille took 3 dozen eggs to the store, got .22¢ a dozen.  They were going to start to tear down the old school house today and get ready for the new one at St. Augustine’s parish.  The children now have school in the church until noon.  Mamie Eichenseer came down this afternoon and we made all kinds of paper flowers.  There was a man came here to get some money for a donation for the priests.  But we told him that our priest wanted to build a new school house now.  We found 25 eggs.

Tuesday, April 1, 1930

Bertille washed today.  She took 3 dozen eggs to the store, got .22¢ a dozen.  There was a lady around this morning taking orders for abstracts of all kinds and spices.  Mamie Eichenseer came down this evening and then Rosalia & Bertille went along with her up to Lena’s to make flowers.  We found 30 eggs.